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Precision Analysis

Precise measurements of your spinal balance are taken. These measurements are used to determine if you have a significant imbalance that would require a correction. They are also used to determine the progress of your spinal stability on follow up visits and help in determining when another spinal correction is needed.

You will be asked to lie on the adjusting table and the doctor will check for a leg length imbalance, which is also known as the “short leg phenomenon”. This is where the leg is not really shorter, but appears shorter because the hips are imbalanced.

If it is determined that you have a significant body imbalance and would benefit from NUCCA spinal health care, along with your consent, the specific series of x-rays is performed and mathematically analyzed before your first spinal correction. The NUCCA x-ray series involves safety procedures that use low technique settings along with specially designed filters to further reduce x-ray exposure to the patient.

Before the first correction, the doctor will explain what has been found and how the correction will take place.

Precision Analysis | Upper Cervical Nucca Vancouver BC
Precision Correction| Upper Cervical Nucca Vancouver BC

Precision Correction

When it’s time for your spinal correction, the doctor will have you lie on the adjusting table on your side and position your head in a very specific fashion. This is based on the information obtained from the x-rays. The doctor will then be positioned in a specific stance, which is again determined from the x-ray analysis, and place their hand near your ear. This is where the side of the atlas or 1st neck vertebra is located. The doctor will apply a number of very light and subtle corrections that move the spinal bones of the neck very carefully. The table does not move once the doctor has adjusted the headpiece to the proper position. There is no discernable pushing or twisting in the correction, nothing rapid or abrupt. The patient will often feel light pressure at the contact. The correction usually takes a few minutes to perform. It takes very little shifting of the bones to relieve nerve pressure.

Removing the Interference

The NUCCA procedure utilizes precise and objective imaging of the head and neck. Mathematical measurement and analysis are made of the misalignment. Once the misalignment is analyzed and corrected, this allows muscles to relax, posture corrects, improving function of the brain stem to Cranial Nerves V, VII, IX, X. Some have referred to the Nucca Procedure as ” Bloodless Brain Surgery “.

Removing the Interference | Upper Cervical Nucca Vancouver BC

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