Syd Morrreys’ White Spot Service Station and car sales 

64 th & Granville 1929
The Chlamers House @ 64 th &  Granville Street circa 1940’s

Vancouver Sun article (2008)  describes Syd Morreys’  Family Auto Business starting in the late 1930’s at our current location at 64 th & Granville across from Nat baileys iconic White Spot Restaurant.

The Original Nat Baileys White Spot (No. 1 ) 67 th Granville Street 1928-1986)

Syd Morreys’ White Spot service station and Studebaker Car dealership @  8041 Granville street.

BC Chiropractic Association president Dr. Ralph Chatwin purchased  Syd Morreys’  White spot car dealership to convert it into a upper cervical chiropractic clinic  (shown with Nucca founder Ralph Gregory )

Dr. G Patrick Foran giving a neck scan to 2 year old daughter Sydney

Dr. G. Patrick Foran purchased the property from Dr. Chatwin in 1982 after practicing in Kerrisdale since 1959

The Granville property on the business card following the move from Kerrisdale in 1982

Graduation Palmer California 1992

  Joining the family business in 1994

My father Patrick was a great  Nucca doctor  because it was  a calling to him. He was a stickler for details & never stopped learning and teaching.   He was a father to nine children and  married to Louise for 50 years . We worked together from 1994-2006.  He was a great mentor, teacher , and father.