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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right doctor or treatment for my neck pain?

The first step in choosing a doctor for your neck pain is to have a thorough evaluation of the underlying problem that is causing your pain. It is important to not only treat the pain when it comes to your neck or spine, but to treat the causative issue so that the pain does not recur or worsen. By having your doctor perform a full evaluation of the root cause of your pain, you can choose the most appropriate doctor to help you heal. If you suffer from mechanical neck or spine pain, which is due to ligament problems in the spine, we can help.

Is Chiropractic Care Additive?

Chiropractic is no more additive than exercise, proper det, or bushing your teeth. It is highly recommended by NUCCA doctors to get your atlas checked for subluxations periodically throughout your lifetime. Patients under long-term NUCCA care report an overall sense of health and well-being, more energy & less sick days far beyond diet and exercise alone.

How long will it take for me to see the results?

You will see measurable postural changes after the first correction.

What makes precision spinal care/upper cervical care unique compared to other chiropractic care?

NUCCA has been in existence since 1966. The diagnosis and treatment are based on 3-D precision x-ray analysis and individualized measurements. Treatments are light and gentle, requiring no twisting or cracking or manipulation of the head and neck. The principles of diagnostic using computerized menus ration are recognized by the AMA and there is ongoing research in the NUCCA work as it is the only chiropractic technique to be recognized and published in an outcome study in a medical journal.

How can such a light pressure make such a dramatic change?

The atlas has dural ( soft tissue ) connections to the brain stem and spinal cord. This is the fuse box of the central nervous system. Once misaligned, it can create short circuiting to the function of the body at the level of the brain stem,

How can NUCCA help treat auto accident injuries?

Automotive accidents can cause damage to soft tissues not easily diagnosed with a specialist. Many common treatments involve pain medication and muscle relaxers. While these treatments may temporarily alleviate the neck and back pain, the underlying cause of your neck and back pain requires precise and delicate adjustments to properly align your spine and correct the source of the pain.

Why should I seek NUCCA care if I do not feel any pain?

Your spine may be damaged without you knowing it. If you have undergone any trauma causing misalignment, which 90% of people have. Pain or what you feel (sensory system) is only 35% of the CNS whereas function is 65%. This means you could be in a state of dysfunction and not have any pain or symptoms. A good example of this is when you go to the dentist and they will tell you that you have a cavity and you did not know if because it was not hitting a nerve so you don't feel it. Another example is having heart disease, cancer or high blood pressure and not know it.

How often should I receive NUCCA check ups?

This is based on the individuals situations. Once you have been evaluated management can range from monthly to annual checkups. Spinal stability is a unique determinant as everyone is different. Recommendations are tailored to the individual.

What can physical therapy help with that is different chiropractic care?

Physical therapy is the treatment of injuries and conditions Often exercise is prescribed and rehabilitation protocols employed. NUCCA upper cervical care specifically addresses the function of the brain to body communication at the level of the brain stem. The upper cervical atlas subluxation complex can affect the function of the Central Nervous System which controls all body functions.