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Headaches, Neck Pain Dizziness, Whiplash or  Concussion: 

The  Vancouver Nucca  Clinic specializes in  Atlas Displacement Complex.   

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You’re about to view a typical misalignment, and how an upper cervical correction can restore balance and health to your body.

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An Answer to The Craniocervical Syndrome


Many of our patients tried many medical and alternative approaches,without total success. They find that the NUCCA procedure is the missing link to provide the results they have long been desperately seeking. This is because it is image guided correction of the C1 Atlas Misalignment.

You can see changes in your posture after one session. It is safe, gentle and effective care.

Misalignment Conditions Include: 


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“Being proactive with NUCCA care minimizes my multiple sclerosis symptoms and increases my balance.”

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How It Works

Guarantee Measurable Postural Change after First Correction

Prior to beginning care, your posture is evaluated, and leg lengths are measured. These can be indicators that you have an upper cervical atlas misalignment.

Following postural assessment, any necessary diagnostic imaging may be performed to rule out any red flags or severe conditions.

We can use precise positioning and gentle, constant pressure to reposition your spine into an ideal position.

Post measurements provide information about how your body responded to the adjustment.

This may be surprising, but the goal of care is not to need an adjustment. This means your body is holding the correct position and operating efficiently.

Client Feedback

5-Star Patient Services

Yan Wang
Yan Wang
December 12, 2022.
Dr. Foran is knowledgeable and professional in his field of upper cervical care. Dr. Foran is also highly responsible, trustworthy and respectful of each patient who comes for care. He has been very low-profiled while willing to go the extra mile for patients’ recovery. The initial pre-screening, examinations and consistent measurement before and after the adjustments in each visit are crucial as clinic’s protocol, while have been missing in more and more chiropractic care nowadays. If you are looking for a good upper cervical and spine assessment and treatment to take care of your overall wellness beyond only focusing on symptoms, here is the right place to go.
Yvonne chiu
Yvonne chiu
November 8, 2022.
My best friend, who has been suffering from different kinds of chronic pain with her body (neck pain, vertigo, headache, TMJ etc.) for so many years, got a huge improvement with her symptoms and overall health after seeing Dr. Foran for only SIX visit! I am genuinely grateful that the NUCCA technique and Dr. Foran's team brought back my friend's life. Dr. Foran is one of the two NUCCA Board members in Canada. I will highly recommend Dr. Foran and his NUCCA Spine Clinic to anyone who is searching and looking for the BEST care for their chronic pain and overall health!
Ayda Razi
Ayda Razi
October 22, 2022.
Dr. Foran is a very caring and extremely knowledgeable and experienced. I used to have very bad headaches after getting treatments with him , my headaches disappeared. I highly recommend him!
Vicky Huijun Chen
Vicky Huijun Chen
October 20, 2022.
I am so thankful for Dr. Foran and his treatments which have brought back my life with significant improvement in my chronic suffering within only a few appointments. Dr. Foran and his team are the best of the best!! I had been suffering from chronic neck pain, headache, ongoing vertigo, constant dizziness, panic attacks, anxiety, shortness of breath and jaw pain(TMJ/TMD: Temporomandibular Disorder) for almost eight years since my late 20s. After my previous TMJ/TMD treatments, my jaw function improved, but the rest of the symptoms had been persistent or decreased very slowly. My life remained miserable, fighting hard to gain back the basic functions. I could not sleep in a bed but only sit upright throughout the night due to vertigo and neck pain; walking or taking a bus was challenging as any neck or body movement could potentially trigger vertigo or a panic attack; life and work were so hard to bear that I never thought I would be even closed to normal again, all I prayed was not to wast the life I was given to fulfil its purpose. And all these got changed entirely after I saw Dr. Foran. Now I can sleep in bed, and the overall pain level has decreased dramatically and can continue to stay low. I can accomplish most of the daily tasks in life effortlessly, and I can socialize and openly communicate without trying hard to listen and stay focused. There were so much more changes I can list out, but most importantly, I no longer have to pretend to be normal to sustain life but to have the ability to be the person I want to live in life. Dr. Foran is patient, caring, professional and knowledgeable in his specialty. The initial appointments with the consultation, data collection and X-Ray were crucial in guiding the treatment, which was well worth the investment to make as a new patient. Dr. Foran is a fantastic chiropractor for what he does and how he clearly explains this precise, gentle, non-invasive spinal adjusting technique (NUCCA) that can help with my case. Each step and treatment was clear and well explained so that I knew exactly where I was and where I was heading. After the first adjustment, I already noticed changes in my body. I strongly recommend Dr. Foran, Marie and his team to anyone who suffers from neck pain, headache, dizziness, whiplash injury, TMJ or other chronic pain. Without health, life is meaningless; but hope and success are not far off.
Sarah Jarosz
Sarah Jarosz
April 4, 2022.
I was hit from behind while at a red light in April 2021. I sustained a concussion from whiplash, and it immediately changed my life. I would have chronic headaches/migraines, trouble focusing, and pain reverberating through my neck, shoulders, and lower back. In September 2021, I started to experience memory loss, and my focus worsened. I was seeing a Physio 1-2 times a week, and even though my symptoms lessened for a day or two, I was still having headaches, nausea, and neck pain. My recovery hadn't changed much come Jan 2022, and I was learning to live with the chronic pain and discomfort and trying to come to terms with my new life of misery. It wasn't until I started to experience dizziness, vomiting, walking into walls, and pressure in my head so badly that I thought my head would explode that I knew I had to research more. I couldn't accept living this way. I found Dr. Foran on a google search, and I am forever grateful. Since starting his adjustments, my pain has gone down significantly. I no longer have to keep a headache diary because I have not experienced one headache since being adjusted. I no longer walk into walls, fall over, lose concentration or get easily irritated. My focus has improved, and my quality of life has come back. I feel like I am starting to get back to who I was before the accident. If you suffer from chronic pain, I recommend checking out Dr. Foran.
Preston Baxmann
Preston Baxmann
February 3, 2022.
Dr Foran is an understanding, compassionate human being. He is very well educated, and excellent at what he does. I have on going medical issues that are hereditary, and Dr Foran provides me with relief after each visit, but also tools, and supplements I can use to help treat my condition. His Secretary Marie is extremely organized, polite, and very pleasant to talk to if you take the time to get to know her. They make a great team, and I appreciate what they do.
Joon Park
Joon Park
September 7, 2021.
A month after suffering a concussion and adhering to professional medical advice (rest, Tylenol for the pain, etc.), I began to notice that my symptoms were progressively getting worse (brain fog, blurry vision, anxiety, shortness of breath, etc.).Therefore, I did my own research and learned that NUCCA Upper Cervical chiropractic was very effective in treating concussion/post-concussion syndrome symptoms. From there, I ended up stumbling upon Dr. Foran's office on Google and immediately booked my first appointment. It's a decision that I know I will never regret. After just 3 weeks of treatment, I began noticing a SIGNIFICANT improvement in my symptoms. My breathing improved, my vision got significantly better, and most of my neurological symptoms were alleviated after just a short period of time. Henceforth, I am absolutely grateful to both Dr. Foran and Marie for the care they have provided me and for alleviating the suffering that my injury had been causing me.

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